Why Anna Is Important?

Anna [not the person but the movement] is important, not because he is fighting against corruption or the arrogance of Indian government but because he has ignited several minds. He may not be fighting for something which you believe in, but he has surely shown you a way to protest, to raise your voice against any misrule. He has induced the fighting spirit in this generation of youth. India as a nation is in the midst of a strategic inflection syndrome. Unity and transparency is at utmost importance at this juncture. Compromising on core Indian values can further deteriorate the condition of this country which prides in its historical heritage and cherished culture.

End of corruption, which itself is a herculean task, is not end of the road. This is a curvy road and you have got to deal with these twists and turns. If you wish to stand for a social cause, you can’t ride a cool blow on the back seat. You have to eye the sharp turns and be ready to jump on the bumpers more often.

You may be wondering why the path ahead is so scary. What’s the next big thing? Well, there are many. The first item which may pick momentum is “Right to Service” act. It is required to further cure the corruption and it will make sure that government officials are also responsible for their duties. They can’t take things for granted. In short, there would be a timeline associated with every official task and government employees will be forced to complete that task in given timeline. For example, your passport should be ready in 15 days. If it gets delayed the concerned officials will be punished. This act has already been implemented in Bihar. Rest of India has yet to adopt this.

Right to Recall is another such demand which will empower “aam junta”. This act will makes sure that politicians are not taking things for granted. Public will have power to call them back, anytime. Once elected they cannot be lethargic for five years. They will have to work if they want to continue.

If you are determined to change the system. If you are out on road and if you are willing to fight, be prepared for a long battle. Calm, composed and confident approach is need of the hour. But, don’t succumb to any pressure. Be firm, be sure. It may have short term wins and short term losses but the truth will prevail in the end. As they say – Satyameva Jayate.

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