The Good is NOT actually Good!

Did you ever find yourself in dilemma to decide what is good and what is bad? Or, who is good and who is bad? Or, what is Dharma and what is Adharma? Of course you have come across this situation multiple times, or rather say you face this almost on a daily basis. The question here is – how do you decide?

In India, we have learnt since our childhood that Ram is Good and Ravan is bad. This is rooted in our thoughts, our philosophy. But, how can we judge two people facing different situations in their life and term one person good and another bad? Is it a valid comparison? Do we know what Ram would have done when someone would slice the nose of his sister? Perhaps he would not have done what Ravan did – but that’s just assumption. We can’t assume things when we are looking for absolute answers.

So, the question remains same. How do we decide?

Let’s take another example from same story. Let’s not talk about Ram and Ravan. Let’s talk about Vibhishan and Kumbhakarn. Both brothers of Ravan were in same situation when Lanka was attacked. They both were learned and both knew what is right and what is wrong. Vibhishan opted for his own Dharma according to his learnings while Kumbhakarn opted for his national duty, his Dharma for his family.

See this video to understand Kumbhakarn:


Kumbhakarn also knew what is good according to books but he preferred his national duty, family duty over books. This video explains why Kumbhakarn opted to fight against Ram (the God himself).

Vibhishan’s Dharma compelled him to fight against his own brother when he was wrong, while Kumbhakarn’s Dharma encouraged him to fight against the God himself when he attacked his family. Both are following different paths in similar situation. This would be the correct comparison to decide who is right and who is wrong – isn’t it? Can you decide now?

In real life, we all have one Vibhishan and one Kumbhakarn within us – and they fight continuously to take a decision, to take a stand. Your decision shows who is winning your inner battle. Nothing is right or wrong here (as they say) – it’s only your priorities.

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