Of The Fools, For The Fools, By The Fools

Democracy is considered as the best form of government and India is the largest democracy of the world. We [ Indians ] are a democratic nation from last 60 years. But,

Why 42% of India still falls below the international poverty line?

Why 34% of India is still uneducated?

Why we have a national crime rate of 167.7%?

In search of these answers I tend to agree more with George Bernard Shaw when he says Democracy is a government of the fools, for the fools, by the fools than Abraham Lincoln’s original thought where he says Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.


People are core of the democracy but collectively can they form a better government? I doubt. Albert Einstein had once said, "two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe". True. On a large extent people are stupid. They are emotional. They are jerks. Most of them are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings. They are simple careless. They don’t care. And, if they don’t care you can’t expect them to make a collective wise decision.


In Democratic India, we have seen prime ministers whose names were not known to more than 50% of the public – till the time they became prime minister. I wonder – what kind of democracy is this? Our current Prime Minister doesn’t even bother to go to public and fight an election. He is happy with the blessings of monarchy – which again increases my doubt over the form of democracy we have adopted. 

We have a democratic state like Kashmir, whose problem is getting bigger and bigger. None of the democratic institutions are able to solve this. We have a democracy where more than one million people across 10 different states are fighting against government since past two decades, and our democratic institutions are helpless. 

If we go back in history and see the origin of democracy we’ll find the traces back in India. The place was Vaishali, a city in North Bihar which came into existence around 4th century BC. The famous King Nabhaga abdicated the thorne due to an accusation about Human Rights violation. The city then declared itself a Democratic Republic (Prajatantrik Ganarajya) – first democracy of the world.


The point which I want to make here is – we [Indians] have seen various forms of government in India and democracy has never been a successful form, at least not in last 2500 years of known history. I would not like to comment as what should / could be the alternative but I would surely recommend a revisit to Indian History. Every nation has its own culture, own way of living and own way to govern. We need to understand our way of democracy or rather say government. In stead of blindly following global form of democracy we need to rely more on something which we have learnt from our past.

I know this subject can’t be discussed  in just 500 words. It needs lots of study, lots of facts, lots of brainstorming. Though, I would just like to trigger a discussion which can help us to think on various spectrums of this topic. 

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